High Quality customized motorized curtain Track
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We can do multiple shape,customized size and curve, suitable for your windows.Use only the best material to be the benchmark of the industry and push the industry standards to a higher level. Paired with our motorized curtain motor makes the ultra durable motorized curtain system in all area.

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High-End Customized Motorized Curtain
Bending Track

Product Advantage

What We Have In Our Track

Product Detail

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Intelligent Curtain, Enjoy Life

Lvtron-- Intelligent window, intelligent home solution


Smooth is the soul of the curtain. From thousands of obsessions with details, even if the power failure,put the curtain by hand can also guarantee a soft touch.

TDPAS system --intelligent home motorized curtain solution which We created and developed according to user using environment and feedback from actual using experience, “Enjoy lvtron, enjoy life”


Close the curtains and watch over them quietly. Even if the years are long, we can work in silence.


Safety is the best love we bring to our families. Tens of thousands of load tests, every time we are serious about our commitment .

Flat ceiling bracket

Driving belt

Self-develop Gear box

Trietex track

High quality Master carrier

Trietex track

JMA Aluminum — Selecting the aluminum with optimum hardness with self-lubricate coating.

Driving belt

Italian belt — High quality and not easily ruptured, reduce the failure of the system caused by broken track.

Self-develop Gear box

High precision double bearing develop by our long term self-development and improvement.

High quality Master carrier

Using 304 Stainless steel in all the metal parts, this heavy master carrier carry more weight and much more durable.

Product Parameters

  • Product Name
  • Wieght
  • Longest length
  • Maximum load capacity
  • Color
  • Noise
  • Track system for M300
  • 0.83kg(m)
  • 12m
  • 100kg
  • White / Black
  • 38dB
  • Product Name: Track system for M300​
  • Wieght: Track system for M300​
  • Longest length: 12m
  • Maximum load capacity: 100kg
  • Color: White / Black
  • Noise: 38dB

Shape of track

This orbit is suitable for:

A layer of semi-shading curtain fabric or
a layer of 100% shade curtain fabric;

This orbit is suitable for:

A layer of semi-shading curtain fabric and
a a layer of 100% shade curtain fabric.

“L” Track Series

“Curved arc” Track Series

“U” Track Series

Trapezoidal Bend Track Series

“Z” Track Series



7+ years of continuous innovation
700+ Hotel Projects Accomplished
700000+ Rooms Assembled
70000000+Customer have experienced products

Drive motor-installation and removal


1. Insert the drive motor output shaft into the middle hole of the rail end as shown in Figure 1.
2. Push the lock lever to the right to the end, it will automatically lock after the lever is pushed in, as shown in Figure 2, the installation is complete.

figure 1

figure 2


1. Hold the drive motor firmly with one hand, pull the lock lever down to the end with one hand, and push it to the left at the same time.
2. Remove the drive motor, as shown in Figure 2.

figure 1

figure 2








wonderful track for curtain

What is a good curtain track?


Have you tried to pull the electric curtain track? With a lot of strength to pull the movement? That's all because the track is not smooth. The LVTRON`s track is made of high materials, ensuring that each part can work with a high degree of cooperation, which will make you feel the touch of the curtain!


The noise of the curtain track is only 38 decibels, enjoying a quiet and comfortable environment.


The system independently developed by LVTRON, the curtain track system has been tested for many years to ensure smooth and silent system operation, and 5 years of quality assurance service. (★★★★★Project-Kempinski Hotel Chengdu )

What Buyers care

1. How to Choose a good track of electric curtain?

2. How can I know if the window is suitable or not suitable for electric curtain track?

Click here down the PDF. According to the data in the document, it can be judged whether the electric curtain is suitable for the window.

3. The window of my house is curved. Do you have such a track?

Yes. Click here to jump to “customized curtain track”.


Foshan Luchuang Window Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in September 2013, which is the only domestic One company specializes in R&D and design of hotel electric curtain motor and track system.Production, installation and after-sales as one integrated technology production enterprise.

Why Choose Us ?

The one and only Chinese manufacturer has 5 years warranty of both motors and tracks.


User-friendly motorized curtain system smart enough not just doing the opening and closing for you. To make your life really easier.

Quality should always go first, a good motor should keep functional and safe at the same time.

We focus on solving your problem about your electric widow system

Completely solved the three major problems of motorized curtains in daily use.
1. Broken window screening and curtain.
2. Rupture of drive belt inside the track.
3. High motor failure rate and child safety problem.

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