The incredible place of electric curtains

The motor is used to drive the curtain to move back and forth along the track, or to turn the blinds through a mechanical device and control the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. The core of this is the motor. There are many brands and types of motors on the market, but in the end, there are two major categories: AC motors and DC motors.
There are a lot of DC curtain motors on the market. How is it controlled? Directly connect the DC motor with the curtain controller, and the result will definitely burn the motor. Next we introduce the control of the DC curtain motor. For DC curtain motors, just add two relays. When purchasing, pay attention to the output of the curtain controller is AC220V, the coil of the relay must be AC220V, otherwise it will burn out. The remote control electric curtain system is a new type of high-tech product. Its application will bring you high-tech enjoyment and convenience, while beautifying your environment and making your home more tasteful.
Electric curtains replace the traditional manual pull curtain operation, using electric way to drive the curtain, making the curtain operation extremely simple and convenient. The electric curtain series can be used to control the curtains through various controllers anywhere in the home. That is, it has a local direct opening and closing function. You can also use the wireless remote control and the T-type network switch to open and close the curtains in your home. With the phone controller, you can use the phone or mobile phone to remotely control the curtain system in your home or remotely in the office or anywhere else for remote control. Of course, the curtain window can also be used to set the curtain system to the time switch mode, so that the curtain can be automatically opened or closed at regular intervals. 1. Dark fabrics always have a good outward perspective. Dark shades give you a clearer view of the window; and for outdoor shades, dark fabrics are the best choice. Compared with light-colored fabrics, the use of dark fabrics can save 20% of energy consumption, because dark fabrics absorb most of the solar thermal energy and then retain or re-distribute heat outside, without light pollution. In foreign countries, light pollution It is a key source of pollution.
2. Light-colored fabric is used indoors to reflect heat more effectively. Only a small part of the unreflected heat radiation enters the room through the gap of the fabric. Therefore, the energy-saving effect of using light-colored fabric indoors is better;
3. The double-sided color sun cloth combines the advantages of the above two kinds of fabrics, and can produce a light-colored one-side dark color, which not only decorates the indoor color tone, but also effectively controls the sunshine, without losing good energy-saving effect.

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