Classification and composition of electric curtains
Classification and composition of electric curtains

Classification and composition of electric curtains.

From the installation, it can be divided into built-in type and external type. The built-in electric curtain cannot see the motor, but only the track from the surface (the principle is similar to that of an electric rail car, the motor runs in the track, and there are very few on the market; the external type, as the name implies, the motor is exposed outside.

Electric curtains are divided into electric opening and closing curtain series, electric lifting curtain series, electric ceiling curtain (outdoor electric canopy and indoor electric ceiling), electric sun visor, electric awning, etc. according to the different operating mechanism and decorative effect. Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, soft gauze blinds, style blinds, honeycomb blinds, etc.

In terms of form, it can be divided into: electric opening and closing blinds, electric roller blinds, electric blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor blinds, outdoor sunshades, hollow blinds, full or semi-shading guide rail roller blinds.

Indoor canopy curtains can be divided into different types according to the installation environment and driving methods on site: Jialisi canopy (there are other terms for different fabrics), FTS, FCS, FSS, etc.

Electric curtain motor classification: Electric curtain system includes track system, control system and decorative curtain. The product track system produced since 2011 uses DC motor drive, AC motor drive and electromagnetic drive.

DC motors generally use built-in or external power transformers, which are safe and low energy consumption, and the motor does not generate heat for a long time, which is an international standard. And the driving power is generally large, the loadable curtain can reach 40-100 kg, the noise is relatively small, especially after the load is less than the idling sound, and the control circuit is relatively simple, usually built-in receiver, no separate External receiver. The AC motor drive method can directly use 220V power supply, the control circuit is more complicated, and generally requires an external receiver, and it is not safe; although the drive power is large, the motor is prone to heat and affects its service life.

The electric curtain machine consists of three parts:

1. An intelligent controller system that controls the opening and closing of curtains.

2. Operate and set the wireless controller of the main controller. 【Electric curtain】

3. The actuator for pulling the curtain-motor and pulling mechanism. The host controls the forward and reverse rotation of the motor, and the curtain is automatically closed or opened by pulling the pulleys.

The infrared remote control can also be used to directly control the opening and closing of the curtains, and use the remote control to set the automatic function of the main controller. Once the automatic control function is set and turned on, the main controller will automatically complete the control according to the set function.

The main controller is the key part of this control system.

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