• Dubai Hotel Show 2019

    Dubai Hotel Show We took our motorized curtain system to last year's Dubai Hotel show. Thanks for the attending customer shows the appreciation to our product and highly commended to our works. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we missed this year's exhibition. We hope that everyone will be safe and…
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  • Classification and composition of electric curtains

    Classification and composition of electric curtains. classification From the installation, it can be divided into built-in type and external type. The built-in electric curtain cannot see the motor, but only the track from the surface (the principle is similar to that of an electric rail car, the motor runs in…
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  • What types of electric curtains

    Electric sunshade is an electric curtain product used in skylights. We collectively call it "electric sunshade" or "electric sunshade curtain". The electric roller blinds are installed indoors to avoid the adverse effects of the external environment and increase the service life of the system. In summer, the sun can be…
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  • Electric sunshade makes your sun room no longer a steamer

    The crystal clear sun room will definitely add a lot to your building. The cold winter will definitely bring you a lot of warm sun, but this hot summer sun will definitely turn your sun room into a steamer. Measurement, the summer sun room indoor and outdoor temperature difference can…
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  • The incredible place of electric curtains

    The motor is used to drive the curtain to move back and forth along the track, or to turn the blinds through a mechanical device and control the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. The core of this is the motor. There are many brands and types of motors…
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